Hardwood Floor Water Damage

I will assume you are here because the hardwood floor water damage is done and you want to know what to do about it. So, no time for chit chat,


You've got a floor to dry out!

What follows are the two big NOT TO's and the one big TO DO.

1. Never Sand a Wood Floor Before It is Dry

Check out my pages on cupping and crowning to see why.

The tools needed to get you to dry are fans and dehumidifiers and heaters.

Nothing dries building materials faster than warm, dry, moving air. And this cannot wait for the claims adjuster.

Whole -house type equipment may be necessary , and in my opinion, is rarely overkill.

2. Hire No One Without a Moisture Meter

If your insurance adjuster doesn't own a moisture meter something is wrong!

Somebody, (even if it's you) needs to determine what dry is for your house before any wood floor repair.

I call this the baseline reading for your home, and every home is different. You are trying to get back to conditions that prevailed

prior to the damage.

Floorwrights are required to carry a moisture meter at all times.

What's Being Said About Floorwrights?

To Do:

Promise This Will Never Happen Again

In my experience, most wood floor water damage is plumbing related.

Plumbing can be turned off. That's the beauty of plumbing. SO...

  • Know where your water main valve is. Everybody in the building needs to know this. Every building has one.
  • Locate all supply valves for: washing machines, ice makers, dishwashers, filtration systems, hot water heater, toilets, sink faucets.
  • Hire a plumber to install an automatic water shut off valve, in as many of these problem areas as possible.
  • At least invest in a water alarm which can detect and alert you to water where there shouldn't be.

Final Thought...

Ideally, we want these detectors and shutoffs in place as insurance.

And what's the best insurance?

It's the insurance you never need!


Inspect your plumbing, and hire a pro, if need be.

Update your plumbing, and hire a pro, if need be.

Purchase safeguards like the

Dishwasher Leak Pan, the indestructible washing machine supply hoses,

and refrigerators WITHOUT a water dispenser in the door or without an ice maker, altogether!

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