Dishwasher Leak Pan

Dishwasher leaks damage more wood floors

than even icemakers, in my experience. A dishwasher leak pan is the answer.

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18" and 24" Single Pan Pricing 

Recommended Water Alarm

You can choose between partial pans that don't require removal of your dishwasher,

and complete pans that do. 

We only recommend a complete pan that comes out

from the back wall 20 3/8" and covers the full width of the appliance space, which is either 18" or 24". (24" is the more common width of washer.)

Both sizes come equipped with an aggressive adhesive SuperStrip on the underside of the pan's front edge to hold it down.

Both the 18" and the 24" Dwip Pans are:

  1. Unbreakable in our testing, three-sided, and ribbed.
  2. UL 94 V compliant for flame-resistance.
  3. Safety-tested for Lead, PBB, and PBDE.
  4. MADE in the USA

The back and sides are 3/4" in height.

The Dwip Pan ribbing is 1/4" in height.  It forms the letter X, so to speak, with an open field in the center of the pan.

Each rear ray of the X is 9" in length, leaving 4" between it and the pan's edges.

Each forward ray is 11", leaving only 2" between it and the pan's edges and front opening.

The WATER ALARM shown is NOT INCLUDED with the Dwip Pan, nor is it a brand recommendation.  


Let's go through the install, shall we?

1. Protect the existing floor

We strongly recommend this portable work surface.

2. Remove dishwasher


3. Inspect

the appliance space for level, taking note of any peaks or valleys.

It is very common for the floor to fall away toward the wall. This is particularly common when the dishwasher is located on an interior wall.

Your dishwasher leak pan will only be as level as the floor it's going over.

4. Level

with anything that will last.  Felt chair pads are a handy way to shim the backside of the pan, initially, but may compress with time, as well as hold moisture.


You may even decide to pitch your pan forward, or just from the back corners.

You are the engineer on site. You make the call as to placement.

5. Peel off adhesive back from the SuperStrip

6. Place the pan.

7. Replace the dishwasher.

We used to include a battery-operated water leak detector in the leak pans we sold, but no longer.

For a battery-operated alarm, we now recommend you purchase either the SmartHome MT400, or the

Gizmode GIWA02, which is also battery-operated, but can be "daisy-chained."

That is to say, the sounder unit can be placed under your sink as one detector, and can also be wired to a remote Gizmode GISP01 Remote Sensor Pad under your dishwasher,

effectively protecting two water problem sources with one alarm.

(I do believe those two Gizmode items are sold separately, so have a care when ordering.)

In the following short video, I review a few of the considerations in choosing a battery-operated detector, 

if a battery-operated detector is sufficient for your purposes.  

The units I compare, as examples, (only to illustrate, mind you,) are:

-The original 9V Gizmode, (taller than the new Gizmode GIWA02)

-The Flood Buzz, (which I refer to as the "Tinkerbell")

-The MT400, by SmartHome.

Single Pan Pricing

18 Inch Width

$34.99/plus S & H

Single 18" Pan
PLUS Adhesive SuperStrip
to Firmly Hold That Front Edge Down

Made in the USA

24 Inch Width

$39.99/plus S & H

Single 24" Pan
PLUS Adhesive SuperStrip
to Firmly Hold That Front Edge Down 

Made in the USA

Helpful Hint:

Thinking of hiring a Floorwright? He can bring the item, directly, when providing any service and SAVE YOU THE SHIPPING COST!

Find your Floorwright here.

The leaks can be insidiously small and slow and damage your wood floor over time.

Or, they can be catastrophic failures resulting in floods, some of which can't even be explained.

Please consult a plumber and/or a reputable appliance store.  Some dishwashers now come with built in drip pans.  Those are a great idea, but

only protect you from an internal leak.  I would say most dishwasher leaks I see involve a water supply or the drain, not the machine, itself.

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