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Yes, hardwood floor protection is dishwasher leak pans and water leak detectors and high quality appliance dollies.

But it is also the proactive perspective of Director, Jerry Adamsson, who has hardly looked up from a wood floor in 25 years. He says,

"If we always have trees, if we always have tradesmen, and if we always have testing, we will always have wood floors."

So, let's address these one at a time, shall we? By the way, it is true that

His only photos from his honeymoon in Paris were of the parquet floors in the Louvre, (A lovely Venetian pattern in White Oak.)

In this 2001 photo, he actually looks up from a Versaille pattern of Brazilian Cherry, Santos Mahogany, and northern Red Oak featured with a brass pinstrip.

This particular homeowner wanted a "world class" floor because he was a world-wide manufacturer.

The Conservancy exists to see this floor of precious resources to its longest possible life.

A Non-Profit, Not a Charity

As a way of introduction, this website is an educational not-for-profit service mark of The Conservancy.

Membership consists of flooring owners, shoppers, and professionals who pay no dues, but merely use The Conservancy as a resource for wood floor protection.

It is from this participation that we meet our obligations.

Please join the cause of hardwood floor protection online. Subscribe to Head's Up & How To's, our YouTube Channel, for all the rough footage from

the field as the director relates real world problems in the homes of real wood floor owners and the solutions from which they have to choose.

It costs nothing to subscribe. But if you find something of value, please consider a donation of any amount.


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What the Conservancy Does

In addition to protecting existing floors and their owners from unnecessary waste, The Wood Floor Conservancy protects the future of our industry as

it invests in re-forestation and environmental studies around the globe.

What Can You Do to Help?

Hit the contact button any time you need new flooring.


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What the Conservancy Does

The Wood Floor School of Lower Learning provides apprenticeships on a very limited basis. Graduates receive the title of Floorwright upon completion.

What Can You Do to Help?

Request an Estimate

What Our Customers Say


White Oak Red Oak Testing Logo

What the Conservancy Does

White Oak/Red Oak ID Analysis

V-Groove Volume Measurement

Benning Ball Dent Resistance Testing

What Can You Do to Help?

If you are repairing or adding on to an Oak floor and want clarification on what will match, OR

If you are buying new prefinished flooring for the kitchen and want the smallest V-Grooves possible, OR

If you want to know which flooring will hold up best to your big dog,

enlist The Conservancy.

If testing leads to better consumer choices and satisfaction, (and it does,) then testing is definitely hardwood floor protection.

The Conservancy defends wood as the best flooring choice, all things considered, for reasons pertaining to public health, home value, and environmental impact.

Wood is, after all, renewable, sustainable, biodegradable.

Nonetheless, the Conservancy serves the flooring industry and the general public with research that leads to publication, to leads to education,

that leads to advocacy for existing floors and their owners, as well as purchasers of new flooring.

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