Why a TinkerBell
Water Leak Detector,
(and why not.)

Some might call the TinkerBell water leak detector a water alarm because of its sounder--an 85 decibel whistle. However, I prefer to call it a leak detector because of its hyper-sensitivity.

And why TinkerBell? It's so tiny you won't even notice it until needed. Plus, it floats--even continues to sound when submersed, as the video below illustrates.

Give a listen to the sounder
and see the benefits of the TinkerBell's size and sealed construction.

Let's hope you NEVER have a floating leak detector.

TinkerBells are also:

  • sensitive
  • inconspicuous
  • affordable

So affordable you can strategically, set 'em like mousetraps

  • behind the toilet or commode,
  • under the sink,
  • by the dog bowl,
  • on that window sill that freezes and thaws
  • or the sliding door you tend to keep open just a little too long!

I know what you're thinking... what do I care if my leak detector floats? If it's floating, the damage is done!

Well, what about that utility sink your clothes washer drain hose is hung over? The idea would be to catch a plugged drain before the

sink overflows, right? If your water alarm only sounds when the water level is a 1/4" deep, but fries out after that, do you really have a water alarm?


"My insurance man turned me on to these as an alternative to flood insurance I couldn't afford. Wouldn't be caught without my TinkerBell. Can't afford that, either!"

Spend a little, now, to save thousands of dollars, later!

Especially on those upper levels where a damaged floor also means a damaged ceiling beneath it!

Not to mention the potential for mold growth and loss of air quality!

Landlords and Property Managers

Your contractual language should include water leak detectors. Your tenants need to think of these just as they think of a battery operated smoke alarm.

You, as the owner, should schedule regular inspections and test the leak detectors.

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