To Protect, Defend, and Serve
DIY Wood Floor Owners  

Your wood floor should last forever.


Because it used to be trees, of course!

(That, and it cost enough, right?)

Or, perhaps you're one of those smarties who's figured out how to
get a floor without cutting down a tree?.

Great! Either way, after you sand it,

Will you still have a floor?.

Sadly, if it was made for the perfect world--where feet float over the floor, like music,

Piano on wood floor pattern

rather than actually touch it--then the answer would be, "NO!"

Without a real-world wearlayer, your new flooring was milled to fail you and the trees from which it came.

That should not be, folks!

Good trees should not be cut down to make bad flooring. Agreed?

So, what does this bad flooring look like?

Well, what should good flooring look like? Read on

The Conservancy exists to, first of all, inform.

Learn to recognize the built-to-last characteristics of the good stuff--what we call Preservation™ Brand flooring.

Soon you'll realize how much flooring on the market isn't even refinishable or re-sandable, not even once.

Or perhaps the salesman said it was, but only once, and then what are you left with?

Only a thumb nail's thickness of hardwood that splits and splinters and becomes sock bait just before it hits the dumpster.

Folks, bad flooring exists because it sells. Demand requires supply, right?

Yes, The Conservancy provides real world testing and research on solid and engineered wood flooring, new and reclaimed, or antique wood flooring.

Yes, it produces protocols, audits and other useful tools for anyone looking to set up their floor for its longest life, no matter how it was made or from where it came.

And if your flooring wasn't made to last then...

you need the Conservancy even more!

But if you are looking to purchase new flooring, The Conservancy is pleased to provide what it considers its most important service:

creating demand for the finest flooring that protects our Earth's trees from the demand for anything less.

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