You're Lookin' Swell,
Appliance Dolly!

The Director's Recommendation

Renting an appliance dolly? 

Or, are you a professional in enough homes that the time has come to buy one?

I won't spend much time on this.  Let me just tell you what I have, why I have it, and then you make the call.

Years ago, I had the same decision to make. 

I settled on the one you see here.  And I paid $350.00 for it. 

Sparing no expense seemed to make sense when I considered the potential losses if I went cheap.

Do I feel like a chump when I look at the price of a new one, today?

Nope. My dolly has paid for itself many times over.

As well as provided insurance against damages.

So, if you are in the building business and need hardwood floor protection,
this particular dolly is my strongest recommendation to you because:

- its 1200 lb capacity means I can lift anything.

- the four wheel, tip-back is like having another helper.

- it has the back skids for going up steps.

- large wheels are big enough to roll something over turf.

- strap ratchets tight AND LOCKS!  No tensioner! 

Of course, you will still need drop cloths and runners.  You may even need these items lined with something water-resistant, if liquid might possibly drain out.

And, I especially recommend a rigid surface for heavy items like refrigerators.

NEVER pull out a refigerator without a rigid surface, by the way. 

And whenever new appliances are delivered, use the rigid surface as a landing pad in front of the appliance space.

If you already have a Floorwright scheduled, ask him or her to save you the shipping and bring an Adamsson Swedish FloorSkydd.

That and an excellent appliance dolly are very cheap insurance, indeed, against costly wood floor repair.

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