You're Lookin' Swell,
Appliance Dolly!

The Director's Recommendation

Renting an appliance dolly? 

Or, are you a professional in enough homes that the time has come to buy one?

I won't spend much time on this.  Let me just tell you what I have, why I have it, and then you make the call.

A cheap appliance dolly
can be very expensive to own.

Years ago, I decided that sparing no expense seemed to make sense

when I considered the potential losses if I went cheap.

So, I settled on this one, here, and my dolly has paid for itself many times over.

As well as provided insurance against damages.

appliance dolly

- its 1200 lb capacity means I can lift anything.

- the four wheel, tip-back is like having another helper.

- it has the rear rolling skids for going up steps.

- large wheels are big enough to roll something over turf.

- strap ratchets tight AND LOCKS!  No tensioner! 

So, if you are in the building business and need hardwood floor protection,
this particular dolly is my strongest recommendation to you because:

Of course, you will still need drop cloths and runners.  You may even need these items lined with something water-resistant, if liquid might possibly drain out.

And, I especially recommend a rigid surface for heavy items like refrigerators.

NEVER pull out a refigerator without a rigid surface, by the way. 

And whenever new appliances are delivered, use the rigid surface as a landing pad in front of the appliance space.

That and an excellent appliance dolly are very cheap insurance, indeed, against costly wood floor repair.

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