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What were your priorities with this project and how did your Floorwright address them?

A certain look--we were copying a picture. Jerry knew exactly what options to show us in our price range.

If you pulled carpeting, did you find any surprises and how did your Floorwright handle them?

Jerry told us how to do the tearout, not only carpet, but particle board, as well. He answered our questions along the way (sometimes even stopping by) and then helped get the glue off in a couple of spots when we were finished. The glue was a surprise.

What effect has your Floorwright had on your property's value, your floor's future, and is there anything else prospective Floorwright customers should know?

Our home's value has gone up, since we replaced linoleum and carpet with beautiful maple, and we love the finished product!

Floorwright's Response

Thanks for the kind words and congratulations on being the first entry in the first Before and After Photo Contest. Good luck.

A couple of thoughts on your project which may be helpful to the readership...

Tearouts are almost always nasty, but always worth it. Even moreso, when homeowners are willing to do it, themselves.

However, it CAN lead to surprises. In your case, you found glue under the

particle board.

Other common discoveries are leveling issues or broken/rotten materials that need replacement.

Because of the unknowns, a Floorwright is happy to do tearout, but almost always at time and material.

A "not-to-exceed" number is also quoted, however, so that the homeowner doesn't feel like they are signing a blank check.

Next, I'd like to turn the reader's attention to the Before and After photos that look down the alley between the island and the sink...

If you look real close, you will see where a heat duct used to come up through the floor right in front of the sink.

What an unhealthy idea, and good for you to have your contractor move that to the toekick when you had the chance.

Wood toe kick vents, as you can see, can be finished to match the cabinets and just visually go away.

And speaking of "visually going away," you readers would never know there is a full dishwasher leak pan under that dishwasher,

complete with a water leak detector that sounds in the event of a leak.

Here's to the longest life of your wood floor, folks. It was a pleasure working in your home.

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Jerry Adamsson
Journeyman Floorwright

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