Ice Maker Damaged Wood Floor

by Michael
(Commerce City, CO)

Ice Maker Damaged Wood Floor
What should we do now?

We were moving into a new home in the East Denver metro area and we installed the ice maker.

Upon doing so, later that evening, the line sprung a leak and leaked for 2 days before being noticed.

Most of the water went into the unfinished basement, but on the hard wood floors, which are Hickory,

you can rub your hand over the joints between the wood and feel it.

Color is still good. No discoloration. What should we do now?

The Director's Response

Your ice maker damaged wood floor has some short term needs and some long term needs.

Be wise and heed both.


You need a moisture meter reading on the damaged wood and then a baseline reading elsewhere in the house to

determine what normal is for your floor.

You can purchase a moisture meter online. (I have two of the one pictured.)

Or, you can hire a Floorwright, who conceals and carries one at all times.

The quickest way to remove moisture is with heat, air movement, and dehumidification.

You mentioned your basement is unfinished. In that case, I would direct fans at the underside of the subfloor

and heat, if possible. The same goes for above.

(Your refrigerator already circulates warm air, directed at the subfloor, so consider leaving the appliance in its space for drying purposes.)

If your refrigerator sits on an interior wall, inspect the opposite side of that wall, as water will travel under walls.

Your moisture meter will be invaluable in telling you just how far the water went.

Expect gapping if moisture levels exceeded 3% from your baseline reading.

BUT, until the floor is dry DO NOT SAND!


If so, your Floorwright can remove and replace Hickory, as needed.

Long Term

Please, before you reconnect that supply line, consider a new one, and check out Learning Center - buying guides, how to guides, videos, and definitions, learn before you buy!

OR, consider NOT reconnecting the ice maker. Consider making your ice in the basement, perhaps, and bringing up a bag or bucket, as needed.

Ice makers come in stationary models or portable units.

And if you prefer your ice maker where it is, then absolutely get either:

These work the same, simply made to fit two different sizes of
existing plumbing.

Lead free is a must, of course, because we are talking about an ice maker, here.

Cheaper water alarms are available, but the auto valve shut off pays for itself many times over.

Why not checkout my water alarm product reviews for every potential wet spot in your home.

Danby Portable Ice Maker

Danby Portable Ice Maker

Get ice almost anywhere with the Danby portable ice maker (model: DIM1524W). This compact Danby ice maker can make ice anywhere there is a 115 Volt outlet and water available to be poured into the reservoir. This Danby portable ice maker produces up to 33 pounds of ice per day and can make a new batch of ice every 6-10 minutes. The Danby ice maker includes electronic controls with a LCD display, a delay start option and a self-cleaning program.

  • Removable Ice Basket:

    The Danby portable ice maker comes with a removable ice basket that can be placed in a freezer to keep the ice from melting

  • No Water Line Necessary:

    This Danby ice maker is completely portable since it does not need to be hooked up to a water line; water is poured in for ice to be made

  • Varying Ice Size:

    The electronic controls on the Danby portable ice maker control the size of ice between small, medium and large

EdgeStar 12 Lbs. Built-In Ice Maker - Stainless Steel Door

EdgeStar 12 Lbs. Built-In Ice Maker - Stainless Steel Door

The Edgestar IB120SS offers a refrigerated storage bin ensuring that the ice produced will last longer and enabling the unit to operate without the need of a permanent drain line. Standing at 25 inches and needing minimal installation, it will work in a wet bar, kitchen, RV, boat or office. It has a true stainless steel door on a black body, so it will match most decors.

The EdgeStar (IB120SS) ice maker produces up to 12 pounds of crescent-shaped ice per day and fits under most counters. No drain is required and it is simple and inexpensive to have installed by a licensed plumber. This compact ice maker has the look, performance and features of other units that are more than twice the cost. It also meets ADA height requirements.

  • Refrigerated Freezer Compartment:

    Ice never melts meaning no need for a drain

  • Stainless Steel Door:

    The black body and stainless steel door fit any modern kitchen or home bar

  • Includes 1/4 Water Line and Ice Scoop:

    Comes with everything you need to start making and enjoying ice

  • Meets ADA Height Requirements:

    Standing at 25 1/4 h, this unit is ADA compliant

*We strongly recommend that you have this unit installed by a licensed professional.

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