Wood Floor Repair

by Sarah Nelson
(Deephaven, MN)

Dining Room After

Dining Room After

Homeowner Review of Wood Floor Repair and Refinish.

What were your priorities with this project and how did your Floorwright address them?

Our priorities were to restore any damaged areas, and refinish the floors after many years beneath carpet.

If you pulled carpeting, did you find any surprises and how did your Floorwright handle them?

Yes, there was plywood in the doorway that was patched, the wood floor repair was matched perfectly and you cannot tell it was a patch.

What effect has your Floorwright had on your property's value, your floor's future, and is there anything else prospective Floorwright customers should know?

The value increase is obvious, it makes each room feel bigger and brighter. It looks cleaner and adds functional value as well, as it is easier to clean and maintain in the long term.

Floorwright's Response

Thank you, Sarah. Two things about this job made it extra enjoyable.

First of all, it's always fun to make a wood floor repair look like nothing ever happened. Very, very common to find missing flooring under the carpet.

You peak under the carpet in a corner while looking at the fixer-upper and find the treasure you are looking for--a hardwood floor!

You then buy the house, pull the carpet, and...

- the doorways were widened, OR
- there are pet stains, everywhere, OR
- the radiators are gone but the plumbing holes remain, OR
- only the perimeters are hardwood, OR
- the front half of the living room used to be a screen porch

(And screen porches don't have hardwood floors.)

Antique wood floor repair requires antique flooring.

And if you hire an antique floor guy, he's probably got a few sticks he just couldn't throw away OR

he knows how to harvest flooring from the existing floor to make the repair.

Your floor required a little of both, actually.

I re-used the flooring from the middle of the opening in the photo and added some matching material from my vast inventory.

Which brings me to the second thing I really enjoyed about this particular job...

As an antique floor guy, I periodically return to homes through the years to add on or maintain or repair a wood floor. In the process, I get to watch the kids grow up.

How fun to have been of service to your folks and now you.

Here's to the longest life of your wood floor, as well as you and yours!

Signature of Floorwright
Jerry Adamsson
Journeyman Floorwright

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