Best Water Alarm Buyer's Guide

Two types of alarms
Two types of water sources:

1. A "flow" which CAN be turned off with an automatic shut off valve

2. And a "flood" which CAN'T be turned off, just mitigated with early detection.

Alarms without Automatic Shut Off Valve

The Flood Detective

This model makes the best water alarm list because it can be daisy-chained.

By that I mean the flat detector pad you see can be connected

in series to other detector pads, (sold separately,) back to the blue sounder.

The flat detector makes this water alarm perfect for placement beneath:

pet bowl mats, Christmas trees, or rubber backed area rugs that may trap

melted snow in winter. It's also a great detector for those ice maker water supply line leaks behind the refrigerator

or just behind the toe plate directly under where the kids drop ice cubes out of the dispenser.

However, an outlet does need to be available.

So, for lack of a power source, your best water alarm just might be...

The Gizmode

These you set like a mouse trap. Battery operated, so place it wherever you like.

This is my choice by the sump pump or water heater or interior AC unit

or right next to the kids vaporizer on their bedroom floor during cold season,

or along the base board of that exterior wall that gets an ice dam every winter.

How about Grandma's commode or Grandpa's spittoon?

Anybody still sleep on a water bed? With a wood floor

this needs to be under the water bed, for sure.

Honestly, they make my best water alarm list because they are so affordable, frankly.

Sump Monitored?

A submerged, battery-operated water alarm

is a dead one.

Buy the sump attachment
to keep your Gizmode out of high tide.

Then lower the detector into the sump,

or hot tub, or bath tub, or utility sink

to whatever level at which you want the water alarm to sound.

Hint: sooner is better than later.

(That's why I'm the director.)

Sensaphone WEB600
Whole House Security System

Here's a wireless, web-based remote detection system, without monthly fees,

that can be programmed to monitor:

- smoke, motion, temperature,
carbon monoxide, power outages, humidity,

Or only water.

It is totally up to you. Web-based means no land line is necessary,

(not that Sensaphone doesn't make landline products...) but they actually seem to be more expensive.

It doesn't matter what Sensaphone system you choose, the water detector works with all, (but is sold separately.) This is a customizable component system.

Landlords and Property Managers...

My recommendation is to make the investment in alarms and write them into your contracts just as you would a smoke alarm.

If you disagree, then why not offer incentives for your renters? A few bucks off rent per each working water alarm

could save you thousands.

The reality is if the top unit has a water leak, so does every unit below it.

And those units have ceilings affected, not just floors. Ideally, we want a water alarm in place as insurance.

And what's the best insurance? (Just like a best water alarm...)

It's the insurance you never need!


Inspect your plumbing, and hire a pro, if need be.

Update your plumbing, and hire a pro, if need be.

Purchase safeguards like the dishwasher leak pan and the indestructable washing machine hoses.

A note to renters...

If your landlord, for whatever reason, does not see the wisdom in water alarms, don't wait for him to change his or her mind.

That will happen after the damage is done, the property is lost,


I know it's not your property, but at least protect yourself with the best water alarm you can afford.

They are better than nothing, right?

These are only alarms. They DO NOT turn off the water, which really is the best water alarm for when you are not home.

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