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"I am my own installer, thank you, looking for advice.

A journeyman wood floor installer, accredited by The Wood Floor Conservancy is called a Floorwright. He or she:

- is referral only.

- is a floor joiner AND finisher which means he or she can service what they sell.

- offers limited lifetime guarantees of construction and wearthrough for qualifying residential customers.

without exception,

- utilizes The Wood Floor Conservancy's Shipping and Distribution Audit and Jobsite Audit which guarantee safe delivery of stable flooring into stable environments.

So look for the JourneyMan's Label

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The Director's Starting Advice

Nail down flooring must be installed perpendicular to joists. The only time this cardinal rule can be broken is MAYBE when the subfloor thickness exceed 1 inch. It must be proven with a straight edge that there's no flex between the joists.

A minimum expansion gap of ¼” will be maintained at your floor’s perimeter, as needed. Subflooring for a nail down installation must be sound and level ¾” thick plywood. NEVER particle board. OCCASIONALLY oriented strand board, IF

-the OSB is 3/4" tongue and groove

-the house is at least 5 years old

-and is stable, (no wet basement, for example.)

Both plywood and concrete substrates must be level to within 1/8” per 10’. Does this sound like the real world? Of course not. It is simply what we shoot for because most wood flooring is joined and each joint in a natural product like a wood floor will have its tolerance.

Guaranteed, over time, your wood floor will tell you if you short-cut the leveling process.
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