Wood Floor Beading Problem

These are the faces...

of the offenders, America.

We have a wood floor beading problem.

They aren't bad beads,

just wayward,

and need a helping hand to pick them up and put them back where they belong.

Not on the table where they simply find themselves back on the edge,

only to fall. Repeating the beating...

under the dinette chairs...

while the silent look on.

Fortunately, the owner of this floor sought intervention and their

wood floor beading problem is no more. But will it ever come back? Oh yes, it certainly could.

"Beading is like Reading..." The Reverend Jackson

"...in that one finds a favorite spot in the house to do it

either for the light, warmth, or proximiTY (his emphasis) to the rest of the family."

If that favorite spot has a wood floor, the director strongly recommends a bead TRAY, with sides,

not merely a beading mat.

And for additional protection, an area rug.

More specifically, a cabled rug or shag. One with a texture that prevents the beads from rolling.

ROLLING is what these little buggers

do best, so THAT is what we must eliminate.

No rolling on the table or the floor.

Truly, the only solution is to never let the beads and floor meet.

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