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Of course you want to protect your hardwood flooring investment.

And while recouping your capital, rag area rugs may be all you can afford.

However, new floors bring new visions. Often the floor guy is there while a homeowner thinks out loud...

"Hmmm...what about an area rug..."

And the floor guy's thinking...

"I don't get it. Why do you want to cover up my work? Seriously, you just spent a chunk o' change on a beautiful wood floor and now you want to spend some more to cover it up?"

Yep. And here's what I hear...

D Reasons for Rugs

1. Decorating

Of course!

Contrasts in color.

Light floors, dark rugs. Dark floors, light rugs. Just telling you what I see.

Contrasts in texture.

Visually, this involves the walls and window treatments, as well. When a room is enveloped in folds and creases, a more mat-like,

low pile rug lends some visual relief that a sculpted area rug may not.

2. Disease Control

Asthma and Allergies

Obviously, unlike carpeting, rugs can be sent to a laundry.

Recently, a new wood floor owner, (and cat lover,) told me she used to dose daily for allergies.

In the first month, since her wood floor installation, she has only needed allergy meds twice.

Here's another remarkable story about going to hard surfaces for health reasons.

3. Damage Control


Big thirsty rugs are important wood floor protection in a foyer, for example. Or by the sliding door through which

your grand kids enter from the pool.

That soaked rug then becomes a chlorinated compress, which is why I strongly recommend a small, affordable

water alarm in any high moisture entryway.


As with moisture, rugs can only hold so much grit. Absolutely, if you don't kick your shoes off at the door,

then your exterior entrances need area rugs, and they need to be shaken out or vacuumed at least once a week.


A little rag area rug in front of the refrigerator has saved many soup cans from foul language.


Rubber backing provides a moisture barrier. That's good for an entry that sees a lot of snow, let's say.

Vigilant inspection is required, however, to insure a lake isn't forming underneath.

And the water alarm is a good idea in this situation.

I am often asked if the color of the rubber transfers to the wood.

I haven't seen that. I have seen color transfer from carpet padding to the wood, but have always attributed that to

carpet cleaning chemicals.


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