Hardwood Flooring Acclimation

Hardwood flooring acclimation is often overlooked or ignored for expedience. The schedule simply doesn't allow.

Wood floors have to breath, AND THEY WILL!

From side-to-side, moreso, than end-to-end.

To illustrate, let's say it took the floor installer 50 rows of flooring to cover your living room.

And let's say that in the summer each row expands just 1/128" in either direction. That's 1/64" times 50, which is 50/64ths.

That's roughly 3/4 of an inch!

The biggest movement in a wood floor always occurs in the first seasonal cycle of any home.

The more stable the flooring is at the time of installation, the less movement the floor will see through that initial cycle

and the more likely it is that the floor will remain flat, ungapped, and quiet.

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