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Choosing floor sanders can be confusing. Which ones are the right ones for you?

DIY-ers will have a shorter list from which to choose. Rental machines tend to be safer, less liability for the rental shop, and, therefore, less aggressive.

Rental sanders are usually the same basic machines the professionals use, but 110V. They are less aggressive which is good and bad.

Good in that they are more forgiving. You are less likely to remove more of your floor than you intended.

Bad in that the job will take longer and you are being charged by the day.

All big machines for the middle of the floor, whether rental or not, will fall into one of the following categories: split drum, continuous belt, or orbital.

Here are the essential questions you need to answer to get you on the fast track to the right big machine for you:

What's my time-frame?

What's my wearlayer?

How much of my floor can I lose, or am willing to lose, to get the look I want?

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