Floor Sander Prep

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Floor sander prep JOB ONE is to:

Clear the Floor

...of furniture and appliances. This can easily be a bigger job than that of the floor sander.

Schedule accordingly if your weather changes with the seasons and furnishings are to be removed to or through the outside.

With space limitations, portable storage units may be a good option.

Remove Wall Hangings

Yes, we hang precious things on our walls that can easily be swiped by a butt or shoulder, or broom handle or mop. Vibration happens, as well.

Clear the Closets

You'll be glad you did. Often the question is, "Do we really need to sand the closet floors. After all, they are only closets."

So do them. Otherwise, it will end up being one of those things you wish you had done when you had the time.

And cost savings to not do a closet? Small. These jobs are bid by the foot. What are we talking two or three or four bucks a foot over nine square feet?

Do the closets! Especially is not doing the closet means the floor sander is going to leave a line across the boards.

Remove the Drapes

Perhaps you've been waiting to have them professionally cleaned, anyway?

Raise the Blinds

At least initially. Dust containment is awesome, but even just a little dust will remain in a Venetian blind if left down. Raise them, but don't wrap them.

Once the sanding is over, so is the major dust generation and your floor sander may want to lower your blinds to block direct sunlight.

Raise the Light Fixtures

Remove the Base Trim?

Floorwrights learn to work up to base trim without removal. The exception, however, is when the floor is roll-y.

If that's the case, it will be at a lower height, once level, and the trim will look better if it removed prior to sanding and replaced to its new height.

Remove the Carpet/Pad/Tackstrip/Staples

Remove More Staples

Every Last One of Those Blessed Staples

Set Nails

Access Electrical Supply

Hang Plastic?

Paint Before or After?

Floor sander prep may or may not include this work. It may be wise to plan on both.

Consider getting the bulk of the bucket work over with

then anticipate some touch up.

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