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WearMax earned our consideration by first of all lasting five years in a very noisy market place.

You will find that our product recommendations are first and foremost tried and true. Many products come. Almost as many go.

In regards to maintaining a wood floor shine, our recommendations will always be low VOC.

Why? Governments are mandating lower and lower VOC compliances. Here in the US the magic number is 275 grams/liter.

Illegal floor coatings simply won't be a part of our future, just as lead-based paints aren't a part of our present.

No WearMax Top Coat Exceeds 125 VOC grams/liter

In fact, even their stains are only 230 VOC grams/liter and their K-10 cleaner is food-based and safe for consumption. (Just keep it behind the bar for cleaning purposes, only.)

The rest of the industry scrambles to re-formulate every 3 to 5 years to meet new, lower VOC regulations, and with this comes new work-ability issues for flooring professional and a loss of durability.

WearMax remains at its 1997 VOC levels or lower. Whereas, their Taber ratings, which measure scuff resistance, have remained the same.

That's important to us and should be to you, too.

Lifetime Wear Through Warranties

Wood floor shine or sheen is what disappears with foot traffic. The WearMax Advanced Ceramic and Formula One Ceramic systems are three part systems that never allow foot traffic to touch the wood floor shine.

Once the wood floor's color is achieved either with low VOC stains or sealers, the adhesion primer is applied, (represented here by a dark blue color.) This is the first coat of the three coat system.

Second, the microscopic ceramics are applied at a rate of 12,000,000 particles per square foot in the case of Formula One.

These ceramics are ten times harder than any aluminum oxide you might find on a pre-finished wood floor.

Finally, the sheen coat is applied, (represented here by a light blue color.) It flows over the ceramics, but never submerges them, ultimately leaving the wood floor shine just below the surface and untouched by foot traffic. Also, because these microscopic particles are harder than industrial diamonds, they never degrade.

The result: a long lifecycle saving maintenance costs as well as the environment.

In fact, homeowners receive a lifetime wear through warranty, when their ceramics are installed by a factory certified applicator.

You may click here to request the name of your local A.C.E.

Applicator Certified for Excellence training is just one class offering at The Wood Floor Conservancy's School of Lower Learning.

We see A.C.E. training as essential to our No, Not One Pledge.

With WearMax, Less is More

You want your floor to have a natural look and feel. If you didn't you would have gone with vinyl or laminate.

And by all means, if your wood floor was nailed down, the last thing you want to do is panelize it.

WearMax is too thin to panelize. The Director recommends you find an A.C.E. in your area

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